Come to discover Llisa negra

The restaurant will be closed until 3th Febraury due to new sanitary restrictions.

If you want to book today, you can do so until 13:00h. Beyond these times, please contact the restaurant. 

Reservations from 9 people by group request.

For more than 6 guests, the Llisa negra menu must be selected. 

We accept telephone reservations during opening schedule service: 12h-17h / 20h-24h

Phone: +34 699 183 770 / +34 96 394 60 79


For lunch: Tuesday to Sunday
13.30 a 15.00 h 

For dinner: Wednesday to Saturday

20.00 a 21.30 h


17:30h  (lunch service)

23:00h (dinner service)

For group reservations with special group menus, please contact:

Pursuant to the restaurant's cancellation policy, for all reservations on friday evening and saturday midday and evening, and all the days for groups over 8 people, we ask that you provide your credit card information. 

Reservations can be cancelled at no cost up to 24 hours before the lunch/dinner. If cancelled later than this, the restaurant will charge 40€ per guest. No amount is charged at the moment when the reservation is placed.